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Be a Global Consulting with ABeam Consulting

Graduate hiring program by PT ABeam Consulting Indonesia it’s a program that exclusively offers fresh who strives for challenge and grow in a dynamic work environment.
Be a Global Consulting with ABeam Consulting

ABeam Consulting as one of top consulting firms operating globally with more than 5,000 consultants and operates 26 locations in 12 countries overseas, including in Japan, Asia, US, and Europe.

PT ABeam Consulting Indonesia is providing consulting services to various enterprises in the wide range of industry sectors.

It is a program that exclusively offers fresh graduates who strive for challenge and growth in a dynamic work environment. ABeam Consulting prides, ourselves for our 1st class graduate training program? which will help you learn the important framework and logical thinking skills? to use on live projects both in Indonesia and overseas.

Trained to be a Graduate Analyst, you will be able to design, deliver and implement cutting-edge solutions for our clients, in a way that is both positive and sustainable. At ABeam Consulting, we place great importance on our people and fully help them to be a success as world-class consultants. You will also have opportunities for overseas assignments.

If you are strong in logical thinking and enjoy problem-solving? This program the one for you! 
1. Preferable major / faculty: Computer science, Information technology system, Any related IT, Engineering , Economy, Management, Accounting, Finance
2. GPA minimum 3,00 out of 4,00
3. Proficiency in English for both speaking and writing (Business Level) 
4. Issue analysis and problem-solving experience with team. 

Strong logical thinking, highly passionate and motivated, good teamwork, striving for challenges. 

Apply Now! 

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